Assistance to individuals

This can involve very different questions.

Tax return

I can assist in preparing and/or filing your (Belgian) tax return, whether it is the paper version or the on-line version (Tax on Web).

Your work and your salary

As an employee or a worker you’re entitled to a lump-sum deduction for business expenses. I  investigate whether it pays off to proof the real business expenses for your tax return. If so, I assist you on a yearly basis in preparing this proof.

For a new job, you received a wage proposal, which seems to be better than the salary with your current employer. I’ll make an inventory of both packages in order to compare, so you can choose the most interesting wage proposal.

Tax issues on your real estate

You want to buy a house for you and your family? Or you want to invest in a second home or an investment property? The bank will already provide help with the tax issues on the loan, but it pays off to get an objective approach as well.

Uber, Airbnb, …

The sharing economy like Uber and Air Bnb is growing rapidly, a much-discussed item in the media. But what about the tax issues?

I can assist in the following cases

  • You consider buying the family house, an apartment at the seaside or an investment property;
  • How to proceed if you would like to proof the real business expenses relating to your current job;
  • A part of your house is for rent through AirBnb;
  • A tax audit has caused a debate or revealed some mistakes;
  • You change to another employer but will it be profitable for you;
  • You would like some help filing your tax return.