Some clients share their experiences with Maristax:

Liesl from Beervelde

Liesl: full-time employee, started a secondary activity as  psychologist  beginning of 2013.

Action by Maristax: assistance with her start as self-employed; yearly assistance for trading account.

 “I have a nice job as prevention worker. But as I am a psychologist & sexologist, I missed the contact with clients and patients. I then had the opportunity to join a cabinet for psychotherapy; it was an interesting engagement within my area which I could combine with my current job. But I had no idea of the figures nor the tax issues. That’s where Jo showed me the way and helped me to get organised. This collaboration goes smoothly and efficiently.   Liesl”  

Ingeborg from Ghent

Ingeborg: teaches Spanish during evening school; had a discussion with the tax authorities for her revenue of 2010 regarding the business expenses.

Action by Maristax: intervention and closing of the discussion with the tax authorities; yearly assistance to proof the business expenses and for filing the income tax return.

“I succeeded to do my tax return for many years all by myself. During these years, I also managed to proof my business expenses. For income year 2010 and 2011 however the tax authorities  didn’t accept some of the business expenses. I had a discussion with them, mostly regarding the costs of my house. The help of Jo was more than welcome. For me the whole procedure was quite exceptional, but I was very pleased with the result. I continue to proof my business expenses but Jo performs a review. Ingeborg“

Walter from Lembeek

Walter: adult education teacher; IT assistant as a self-employed in a secondary activity.

Action by Maristax: yearly assistance for making trading account; assistance in case of an audit by the tax authorities.

“In my job as a teacher I already work a lot with computers, hardware as well as software. And off course you get questions relating to computers outside of your job as well. Together with Jo I investigated the possibilities. Today, I earn some extra money with this activity. Jo helps by making the yearly trading account. I take care of my VAT return. In case of a tax audit, Jo is there to assist. Walter“

Stefanie from Lokeren

Stefanie: back office assistant in Ghent: employee for many years; transfer to   self-employed in spring 2015 for a new opportunity.

Action by Maristax: calculation of net profit if self-employed; VAT-return on a quarterly basis; yearly assistance for making the trading account and for filing the individual income tax return; assistance in negotiating new daily fee.

 “I was already working for many years as an employee. In winter 2014 I received an offer but this new opportunity involved working as a self-employed. I had no idea how much I had to invoice in order to avoid a financial setback.

Based on my package as an employee, Jo fixed the daily fee I had to invoice. I must say I am happy with my net earnings but also with my insurances for guaranteed income as well as for my complementary pension. As Jo informed me very well throughout the process, I now fully understand all the aspects of being self-employed!

With the support of Jo, I succeeded in this great change in my career. Stefanie“